With network marketing being the home business of choice when it comes to business opportunities, one of the companies that come to mind when this topic surfaces is Melaleuca, and no doubt, this company has become one of the largest and most successful network marketing companies in existence. This company offers competent health and wellness products as well as a promising opportunity to earn additional income if you want to join their network.

While Melaleuca might seem like the perfect business opportunity for some, there are still some issues that you will need to evaluate if you have plans of joining the network. Here are some of them:

Melaleuca Through The Years

If the network marketing company which you are planning to join has just been established and has no solid proof of people making money with it, your best choice may be to keep an eye on it for some time before you jump in. In many cases, the company that you are considering joining might even be a scam. With that, you should consider a company that has been around for at least 3-5 years since this time-span can usually provide documentation that the company has been tried and tested.

Melaleuca is one of the few networking companies that has stood the test of time. Because of that, it has established a clean image for those who have joined it.

Melaleuca Products

One of the most important aspects of network marketing companies are the products themselves. The company may have a very effective business structure, but if the products are of poor quality, the company in general will not last over the long-term.

Fortunately for Melaleuca, the company is known by many to have a wide variety of products that are all of superior quality than in comparison with similar products on the market.

The Marketing Plan

When taking into consideration any network marketing company, one of the most important things that you have to look at is the marketing plan; it really has to work. The marketing plan serves as the backbone for network marketing companies and this is one of the main categories of judging whether that company is good or not.

The business model for Melaleuca is very much similar to most network marketing companies nowadays. You have to build your own network of friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers to do business with Melaleuca. The general rule for this is that the bigger your network is, the more income you can amass.

However, utlilizing this methodology tends to work more effectively for those who already are centers of influence and who are greatly respected by those around them. The average person, unfortunately, does not have this magnetic pull and in most cases finds building the business to be extremely difficult.

If you happen to not to have this influence on the people that you know, then you will definitely have to find another way to do business. The problem is that Melaleuca doesn’t teach any additional strategies, so you must find and master them on your own.

Overall, Melaleuca still remains as one of the most respected and popular business opportunities available.


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