MLSP Mastermind Team and Buck Reed

This past week, the top producers in MLSP were kidnapped and taken on an “almost-all” expense paid retreat (we only had to pay our airfare) to the mountains…specifically Todd’s Chalet! (Nic, that was for you, lol)

We arrived on Monday with so much excitement and on Tuesday we went snowmobiling. Now if you have never been snowmobiling before, it is off the hook! This was my first time and to be honest, I was a little nervous (as we all usually are when it comes to stepping out our comfort zones). Yet, I was rared up and ready to go!

Now one of the cool things about this excursion was that we had THE expert snowmobiler himself as our guide, Buck Reed, who also happens to be my mentor in my primary business. Buck let us ride his sleds (he had 7 of them for us) and I got to ride HIS personal snow mobile, souped up and all! And just so you know, he made sure we got to really experience the mountains and the snow from an extreme sports point of view as opposed to the tour taker experience!

As we traveled up the mountain snow trails, I was feeling good and moving well, except for one time where I went too fast and had to go up a hill to avoid running into the back of Cindy! Oops! Buck reminded me to slow down and to not go faster than I could stop. Note: ALWAYS listen to the person who knows more than you in a particular area!

So we kept it movin and finally made our way up to about 11,000 ft…

That's Me, sitting down, second from the left!

Wow, what an accomplishment! And let me tell ya, this stuff wasn’t easy! But there was no whining or crying in our group…we just pushed through and enjoyed the view!

So now that we had passed Buck’s 1st test, he decided to take us on an advanced trail that led to a place where only the professional snowmobilers hung out..

We got back on our sleds and started on this trail that was so frikken hilly and bumpy it started to wear me OUT! I mean literally I could feel my left arm holding on for dear life as my breath was being taken by the cold air. It seemed like hours that we were riding on that type of terrain, but we finally arrived to the “top”!

L to R: Nicole Cooper, Tracey Walker, Cindy Sutton and Roxanna Hannah

Buck reminded us that most people, even those who snow mobiled, would never make it to the place we were at because the journey to get there is rough and can be dangerous. And as I though about how that applied to business, it made perfect sense. See, I shared with you that the road to the bowl worked me, HARD!! But it is only those who persevere and push through the hills that experience the rewards of making it to the top. And just so you know, once we arrived at the bowl, I could count the number of other people there besides us on 1 hand.

As they say, it’s lonely at the top..and I saw that for myself!

I expected to simply take pictures and videos while at the bowl, but then Buck said, “c’mon Tracey!” I looked around and he motioned for me to jump on his sled with him and told me he was going to take me to the top of one of the steepest slopes that emerged from the bowl. What was I gonna say, “NO”, and look like a punk? Hecky naw!! So I put my helmet back on, jumped on with Buck and up we went. (I’ll be sharing the footage of this ride with you soon!)

Going up was all good, but when we were coming down, it was like we were going straight down fast as heck, and the adrenaline was all I had to not lose my mind! LOL As soon as we got back to the group, Buck turned around and went back a second time without letting me off! So up we went again, and of course coming back down this time didn’t seem so bad…hmmmm, isn’t that ironic! The more you do something, the easier and more comfortable it gets.

Well, now we had ridden about 40 miles already and it was time to head back. I didn’t know how I was gonna make it, but there were no other options (isn’t life like that sometimes?). As we start back, the soreness kicked in, the fatigue reminded me this was my first time and all my mind could say was, you can do it..

When you get tired, it is usually during that time that you make mistakes and can injur yourself. For me, I accidentally ran my sled off the trail TWICE…where Mike and Buck had to dig me out..

Not long after that, Nic ran her sled into a tree and fell to the snow. More digging out of a sled! :)

But you know what, we both got back on and didn’t complain one bit! We made it happen. Fatigued and all.

Shortly after the journey back to civilization, we arrived at our starting point, totally hungry and ready to chill! And the picture at the beginning of this post is us after getting back…after the journey…after the success! And in the end, it was the best ride of my life!

So, the point of this story was to share with you, a general description of my first time ever snow mobiling while painting a very clear picture for you. Each day, we will encounter new things. Some people will back off and some will take the challenge.

Of the ones who take the challenge, so will quit along the way or cry and complain, and some will endure.

Of the ones who endure on the way up, some will get hurt and some will question why they even did this to begin with.

But the ones who finish, under all circumstances, will always be the ones with the most satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

In closing, I am so excited and proud that I pushed through..I am so happy that I didn’t quit. Likewise, with my business, that same spirit will forever carry on! I will reach the bowl at the top in network marketing, and for me, that is making at least $100k/month. No hills, or fatigue, or fear of the unknown will stop me…hopefully, you will push through to see the bowl at the top as it relates to your goals too!

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